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Whether you are a small or large company we have a solution to fit your needs. With years of expertise, we understand the confusion of purchasing a business pbx, and are here to help you.

Watch the video below, and read the tabs at the bottom of the page to get a better understanding on what we can do for you and your business.

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Hosted PBX:

Make managing your IT infrastructure easy by choosing a Hosted PBX system. We host our systems at dedicated server farms and take care of all maintenance and upgrades at no charge.

Never pay to upgrade your equipment to newer technology again. We port your existing phone numbers that you have with your local telephone company to our system, or set you up with new numbers.

We send you business phones or voip adapters that you simply plug into your broadband network. We setup an automated attendant (IVR) to route calls to certain extensions using voice prompts and user keypress's.

If custom programming that is specific to your busienss is required, we have software engineers that can handle almost anything.

Onsite PBX:

Our onsite business pbx systems are designed from the ground up to meet the needs of your particular industry. We have designed specialized systems for hotels, elections, bridging locations together, dentists, and connecting countries to the rest of the world using voip.

You have the option of using analog lines from the telephone company, T1/E1, VoIP lines, or any combination of the three. Desktop, softphone, cellphone, and wireless phone configurations are available.

Expanding the system as your company grows is easy. In most cases you only need more phones. We build all systems to meet your companies expected size in the years ahead. Please contact us about setting up an onsite pbx system.


  • Transfer calls between extensions
  • Park calls and pick backup at another extension
  • Ring multiple phones using ringgroups
  • Automated voice response system using IVR’s
  • Make calls on all your phones using 1 simple business number
  • Unlimited local and long distance in the US48
  • Move your existing phone number to us**
  • Take your number with you if you leave us
  • CallerID
  • Call Waiting
  • Music on Hold
  • Voicemail (Busy, No Answer, Offline)
  • Visual Voicemail (View voicemails and listen to them in your customer portal)
  • Receive email notification of new voicemails in your inbox, with option of receiving voicemail as an attachment
  • Customer portal to view call detail records, view visual voicemail, update customer details, change/modify settings of how your service works
  • Network down number (Will forward to a different number if your internet is down, never miss a call!)
  • Call Forward (Forward your number to another number. Easily modified in your customer portal)
  • 311 Services (Customer must enter 311 number in their customer portal)
  • 411 Services


  • High speed internet connection (DSL, Cable, or Satelite)
  • U.S. shipping address (P.O. Box not acceptable due to e911 requirements)

FREE activation, FREE shipping, and FREE equipment with 1 year agreement*

Early termination fee of $80 per line applies. Customer must send back phone adapter within 30 days of termination or be charged a $56 equipment fee.

**Porting fee of $15 applies, please allow 5-10 days for number to transfer

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