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We've got what you need!

Don't get stuck with a telephone system that can not do what you need now, and in the future. All of our systems are upgradeable via a free software update. As new features are released, you get them free.

The average telephone system is limited. The majority of telephone system installers can't modify their programs or write new applications for their telephone systems. We are different. We are software engineers, and do that kind of stuff daily.

There are no costly maintenance agreements. There are no licensing fees. There are no upgrade fees. We keep things simple.

Lemens-TS has the most features at the lowest cost. Not convinced? Check out our feature comparison table below.

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Live Support 24/7 Level 3
IVR included
After hours IVR included
Blind Transfer Unlimited
Attended Transfer Unlimited
Music on Hold included
Voicemail included
Business, Away, Offline Messages included
Desktop IP Phones included
Custom Applications included
Business Share Single Number included
*67 Caller ID Blocking included
*67 Callback - FREE included
Handheld Phone included
Network Down Option included
Call Forward included
Ring Groups included
Do Not Disturb included