EasyAR - What ya need!

What do I need to do it myself?

First you need a plan. How many customers are you needing to notify at a time, what is your budget, what are your end goals, how quick do you want things running, how reliable do you want your service.

Decide what server/host and voip provider you want to use (unless you are hosting on site with analog lines). We have researched it and been down that road already. Contact us if you would like some suggestions.

Server: We have dealt with Serverbeach/Peer1 Hosting for a while, and are pleased with them. They have good prices, and awesome customer service and uptime. Multiple locations across the US and Canada is a bonus also.

Voip Provider: After working with multiple voip providers, we have stuck with Voip Innovations/Global Ops. They are rock solid, have great customer service, and are upgrading and rolling out new features constantly.