We design telephone systems to meet your business needs.

We can do more with a telephone system than just voicemail, transfer, and IVR's. Your telephone system could also call your patients and remind them of an appointment. We write applications like this, customized for your business.

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Why people love Lemens-TS

I have more than one business location, and at each one I had to buy an expensive telephone system. When I needed to buy new equipment, I found Lemens-TS. I now only have one telephone system at my headquarters. At my branches I have IP phones that are connected to the headquarters over the internet via VOIP, it has saved me thousands of dollars!

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  • Rick Everhart

  • President, Lo-Com

We work in any country

Don't worry about where you live, we are experts in working remotely on telephone systems. All you need is an electrician to run Cat5e cabling to your phones, and we handle the rest.

Small Businesses Love Us

Our goal is to be cheaper than the competition, while being better than the competition. We sincerely beleive we accomplish this, this is our passion. We are not interested in building an empire.

CDR Records

Wouldn't it be nice to know who has called where, how long they were on the phone, and when they were on the phone? You can view all this information from a webpage on your computer!

Voice Over IP

Our systems are Voice Over IP out of the box. You can use a traditional telephone service providers such as ATT, SBC, etc. Or combine them with a VOIP service provider for cheaper long distance and international calling.

Check out all the included features! Get more for less!

Onsite Business Phone Systems

Our onsite business pbx systems are designed from the ground up to meet the needs of your particular industry. We have designed specialized systems for hotels, restaurants, bridging locations together, dentists, just to name a few.

You have the option of using analog lines from the telephone company, T1/E1, VoIP lines, or any combination of the three. Desktop, softphone, cellphone, and wireless phone configurations are available.

Expanding the system as your company grows is easy. In most cases you only need more phones. We build all systems to meet your companies expected size in the years ahead. Please see the example tabs and the features page for a more detailed look on what our systems can do.

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Customer Example 1

The average phone system comes with an IVR, where you can have a recording such as: 'Thank you for calling Hallgon Paper, Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Accounting'. It could then ring a phone/phones specified for sales, or accounting.

We can build upon that further. Much further. Instead of that being a pre-recorded message, it could use a text-to-speech engine to read the text from a database. You could update the text yourself via a webpage. The audio would not sound like a robot, but like an actual human. You could choose the voice of a man or woman, with accents such as US, UK, Italian, Canadian French, German, American Spanish, or a funny Character voice. If you wanted to choose US accents, we could take that further and make it choose a different voice everytime a new call came in.

If someone pressed 2 for Accounting, we could send that to another IVR that asks: 'For accounts receivable press 1, for accounts payable press 2, to pay your bill over the phone press 3'. If the user pressed 3, we could have the telephone system ask for the persons customer number. It could then pull up their account information from a database, ask them the amount they want to pay, and charge their card, all over the phone.

We just took a simple IVR that an average phone system could do, and turned it into a nested IVR that can process payments over the phone.

Customer Example 2

You own a dentist office, and are looking at purchasing a new phone system. Your secretary spends most of her day answering her phone telling people their account balances, and calling people to remind them of appointments.

We could integrate the telephone system with your accounting system if it allows external connections to its database such as mysql, odbc, etc. Customers could than call in to check their account balance, and see when their next appointment is. Additionaly, we could check the upcoming appointments on your accounting system each evening, and automatically call your patients and remind them of an appointment, and ask them if they will be able to make the appointment or not.

This is an industry specific example of what we could do for doctors, dentists, etc. We can help you with brainstorming applications that could be created for your business, to save you time and money.

Advanced Solutions

We are most famous for our applications that we have written that run on our telephone systems.

We have written a massive contact solution for a company in Spain that can deliver your message via calls, sms, and email within seconds to thousands of people.

We have helped a telephone company in Africa connect its existing infrastructure to our system, that enables them to call the rest of the world.

We have written a poll application for a political group that calls people and has them do a political survey over the phone.

We have written a timeclock program for a company in Panama that allows their contractors to punch in and out via a telephone.

We have written a full ITSP/Hosted PBX solution for emerging telephone companies around the world to help get them off the ground.

We know what we are doing. We can deliver a solution to you at a price that can't be beat.

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01-14-11: Customers now have the option to purchase a virtual number for their service. We offer a wide selection of numbers in different states.

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12-02-10: New customers are now able to fully tailor their PBX solutions using our nifty PBX Creator. Select from a wide range of calling customizations and devices.

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Automated device configuration

09-16-10: We are proud to announce the development of a device configuration system that allows us to configure your device remotely for instant changes.

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