The easiest ITSP and Hosted PBX software available. PERIOD!

Lemens-TS has thousands of man hours in developing a solution with the smallest footprint possible. The goal was to keep things as simple as we could. Victory is ours.

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Why choose EasyITSP?

We tried the majority of the "big" ITSP programs. They were resource intense, overly complicated code (not able to modify unless you are the one who wrote the program), and too bulky. Why would you want a calling card system packaged into your software when all you need is an ITSP program? Thats when we threw out all the time and money we had invested in them, and started our own from scratch.

Multiple Call Plans

Devise multiple plans with different rates to give special customers discounts, or unlimited calling.

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Hosted PBX

EasyITSP also handles Hosted PBX. You can handle Residential VoIP along with Hosted PBX using one system!

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Complete Control

The customer portal allows your customers to view call detail records, playback voicemail and change how their service works.

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Lots of Choices

We have developed a provisioning system using SPA2102, PAP2T, and Polycom Phones. Please contact us if you are interested in getting this setup.

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Provisioning module and more available! I Want Modules!
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Residential ITSP

Its easy to setup a residential ITSP system using EasyITSP! Our system is comprised of AGI files that are initiated upon a call, they don't run until a call comes in or out. Our only other config file is dialplan code (AEL). It sits on top of Asterisk, we do not suggest the use of a GUI for an ITSP such as FreePBX. That adds more complications to your system, and more resources that are used. We use MySQL as our database. On top of all that, we have many cron scripts to monitor the system email and text message you if something is wrong, and to also take care of end of month CDR archiving, monthly customer account reset, etc. We made it as handsoff as possible.

Customers have many server side features such as call forwarding, DND, network down forwarding, visiual voicemail, cdr access, etc. They can access all of this in their customer portal.

In the admin customer portal, you can create trunks, create did's and assign them to a trunk, assign the did to a customer, create call plans, add rates to call plans for lcr, view cdr's for your customers (in and outgoing), view visual graphs of your call loads over 24hr period, and modify many global settings for the web portal and the EasyITSP program. You can add resellers to your system to help expand growth of your ITSP. Customers and each phone a customer owns has its own area to add notes. Also under phones, you can add the serial, mac, among other details of your customers phone/adapter for informational purposes.

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Hosted PBX

Its easy to setup a Hosted PBX system using EasyITSP! Among the things listed on the residential tab, in the admin web portal you have the option to assign phones to ringgroups, as well as having the ability to have the same extension for multiple phones in the system in case multiple companies need the same extension. We have a seperate flat file to setup IVR's for customers. We could incorporate this into the web portal if someone needs it.

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